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The difference between Hazrat Isa and Jesus Christ

"and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."John 8:32         

Difference in genealogy


Jesus: The Lord Jesus Chris came from the descendants of Prophet David's son Solomon. Ref.: Mathew ch.1 ver.1-18.

Hazrat Isa: Hazrat Isa was born in an Arabic family of Hazrat Muhammad.

Ref.: Tafseer Ibne Kaseer Urdu, jilad no.1, page no. 419.

Difference in genealogy of mothers:

Jesus: Marry; the mother of Jesus Christ, her father's name was Aeli.   (Luke, ch.3, ver.23)

Her mother's name was Hanna.

(Luke, ch.2, ver.35-36)

So, according to Luke, the genealogy is of Marry, whereas, according to Mathew, the genealogy is of Joseph, and in Christian history it is also told as 'yahoyaqeem'.

Hazrat Isa: The mother's name of Hazrat Isa was also Marry, but his father's name was Imran. (Soora Mariam, ver.14-35). And Mary's brother's name is told Haroon, whereas, the mother of Jesus Christ was one and only in her family and did not have any brother or sister.

Difference in residence:

Jesus: The Marry and Joseph live in Jerusalem and they were carpenters.

Hazrat Isa: Hazrat Isa's parents lived in Yasrab (Medina), and there the had a farm.

Ref.: Tafseer Ibne Kaseer.

Difference in places of the messages of angels:

Jesus: The holy Marry received good news in Nazrat, which is in the province of Galeel.

Ref.: Luke, ch.1, ver.26.

Hazrat Isa: Isa's mother Marry received good news in the eastern house in Medina.

Ref.: soora Mariam.

Difference in angles:

Jesus: God suggested his son's name and sent his angel Gabriel to a virgin of Nazrat, whose name was Marry.

Ref.: Luke, ch.1, ver.30-31.

Hazrat Isa: Isa's mother Marry had the message of the angel of Kaaba, who's Rab was Aar and Tabreem (Zwal kafeen) where servants were called angels, (In Arabistan). And that angel and Isa were belonged to the light of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ref.: Muarab-ul-Nabooat.

Birth places are different:

Jesus: Lord Jesus Christ was born according to the prophesies of the Prophets at the place where was the thorn of David in Bait-al-hem.

Ref.: Luke, ch.1, ver.32-33.

Hazrat Isa: Hazrat Isa was born under a tree of palm at unknown place of desert and for sometime son and mother ate palms.

Ref.: Soora Mariam.

Difference of events on birth:

Jesus: The good news of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ was given to shepherds by the angels. The shepherds worshiped him going Bait-el-hem. On 8th day he was circumcised according to Jews law. A star guided Magosees, who bowed before him with their presents.

Ref.: Mathew, ch.2, ver.1-10.

Hazrat Isa: On the birth of Hazrat Isa no such event took place.

Difference in events of childhood:

Jesus: On the birth of Jesus Herod king killed all the babies of two years of age. He was brought to temple at the age of 40 days, according to law.

Ref.: Mathew, ch.2, ver.1-16.

Hazrat Isa: He talked in the lap of mother. In boyhood he used to make birds of mud and with the power he made those to fly.

Engagement difference of mothers:

Jesus: The Holy Marry was engaged to Joseph.

Ref.: Mathew, ch.1, ver.18.

Hazrat Isa: His mother never had engagement with Joseph.

Difference in shapes:

Jesus: Lord Jesus Christ's shape was just like God.

Ref.: 2-Cor., ch.4, ver.4, John,14.

Hazrat Isa: The shape of Hazrat Isa was like Juda's Oskeryut.

Ref.: Kasus-ul-Quran, 9th part, page.14.

Difference in accommodation and believe:

Jesus: Jesus Christ lived in Nazrat.

Ref.: Mathew, ch.3.

Jesus Christ prayed to God.

Ref.: John, ch.11, ver.42.

Hazrat Isa: He lived near Makkah.

Ref.: Mesarj-ul-Nabooat, 3rd portion, page.11.

He recited Bismillah and was also called Abdullah and was born from the light of the Holy Prophet. He used to go round the Kaaba.

Ref.: Tafseer Ibne Kaseer, portion.2, page.44, 1st part, page.718 & 348.

Difference in crucification (death) and risen from the death:

Jesus: According to Christian belief Jesus was died on cross, buried and risen from the dead on 3rd day. Lord Jesus was died for the sake of our sins.

Ref.: Luke, ch.23.

Hazrat Isa: According to Islamic teachings Hazrat Isa neither had crucification death nor rose from the dead. As Jesus died for the sake of our sins, Hazrat Isa did not died for that, but, alas! Christian scholars could not know this great difference in thousands of centuries.

Difference in going to heaven:

Jesus: Lord Jesus was raised among eleven disciples, which were eye witness of that greatest occasion.

Ref.: Acts, ch,1, ver.11.

Hazrat Isa: He was arisen to Allah from a closed room, and there was no eye witness at all.

Ref.: Tafseer Ibne Kaseer, 1st portion, page.469, Soorat-ul-Imran, ver.50-55. 

Difference of jobs in heaven:

Jesus: He said," I go, so that I prepare a place for you."

Ref.: John, ch.14, ver.2.

Hazrat Isa: What is he doing in heaven, no one knows.

Difference in coming back from heaven and jobs:

Jesus: Jesus will come on clouds and every one will see him.

Ref.: Revelation, ch.1, ver.7.

He will be judge.

Ref.: Mathew, ch.25, ver.1.

Every kneel will bow before him and every tongue will confess that Christ is the Lord.

Ref.: Philip, ch.2, ver.10-16.

Kingdom of our Jesus will be everlasting.

Ref.: Revelation, ch.22, ver.3-5.

Hazrat Isa: According to saying of Abu Hurera, Hazrat Isa will come in this world again on day of Friday, when all the Muslims will be making a line. He will come as commander and judge. He will teach Nimaz to all the Muslims and will offer prayer himself. He will be just like a follower of Muhammad. He will break the cross and declare Jihad against the present Christianity. he will say embrace Islam or face the sword. He will shed the blood of Christians to this extent that on which horse he will be riding that will be blood and blood on its chest.

Ref.: Tafseer Ibne Kaseer, 1st part, page.710, Muarj-ul-Nabooat1st part, page.217,   kasas-ul Quran, 9th part, page.44.

After that he will make marry and will rule for forty years on this earth.

Sum and substance:

He can not be Christ who will break the cross and kill the Christians. So, when we say ourselves Isayi or others call us as Isayi, it means we are not true Christian believers, because, the identification of Christ is everlasting life. Therefore, O! Governments of the world, Religious leaders, identify yourself, so that, you may go ahead in the identification of Jesus Christ and have everlasting life.

Cross is Proof
of Love

I am the Witness to
His fearless death
I am a"Token"of
His Promise
I am the Cross.
I am the Proof of
His"Love"for All
According to scripture.
John 3:16

1 Corinthians
15:3-4 (KJV)

"For I deliveres
unto you first
of all that which
i also received,
how that Christ
died for our sins
according to the
scriptures; And that
He was buried and
that He rose again
the third day
according to
the scriptures


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